it's the most wonderful time of the year. Favorite Black Friday Sales.

Okay, well maybe not the very most wonderful time of the year, but it's fun!  And the sales happen right from the comfort of your living room.

Here are my favorite Black Friday Sales, and what I'm shopping for...

Madewell is 25% off entire purchase with code GIFTON.  I am obsessed with all three of these items.  The bangle has been a long time want, and the plaid I think is finally slim and long enough to wear under fitted sweaters with skinny jeans or legging.  The vest is my new jacket philosophy in southern california.  All of these are on my Christmas list.

30% off any book on Amazon today, these cookbooks are top on my list and would be perfect gifts.

this is a great place to search for the brands you love, my picks free people and birkenstock.

25% off the entire site with code Holiday25.  Ooh this is good.  I love it all, but I have had my eye on a few holiday decorations, in person they were adorable, I was hoping they would run a black friday sale.  and of course a few other things to love...

Entire store 50% off plus an additional 15% off with code GRAVY.  This is the best place to stock up on sweats/tees/basics for my boys because they tend to fit the best, longer and slimmer, and I don't worry about 4$ sweats getting holes in the knees, which is inevitable.   AND this year I am getting ahead of the game and ordering their christmas jammies as well.  so proud of myself.  and of course rockstar jeans.

Great site for shoes, handbags, quality basics like Monrow and LA Made.  and your holiday style

Nordstrom has added an amazing amount to their sale section., and if you are near a store, there is an additional 20% off in store.  For real, these red hunter rainboots, if I lived in a rainy climate again I would be asking for these in a heartbeat.  Darling, and hunters rarely go on sale.  plus a few more things I love. 

These rings are awesome, they come in silver, rose gold, or gold.  Perfect as a bestie gift, for stacking and layering.  I am thinking its the updated "bff necklace".  Currently 35% off along with many other styles.

Cheers to getting your holiday shopping done early.



leg-warmers for your arms, no-brainer.

being a child of the 80's leg-warmers have a very special place in my heart, so naturally I think hand-warmers are the bee's knees.  They work so well with this coat with its slightly shorter sleeves, but I am challenging myself to find other ways to wear them...  AND they will warm your heart too, because this company just makes the world better.

and of course don't forget the rockstar jeans.  just don't.  they are inexpensive and hold their shape just as well as the designer jeans in my closet.  I love them for jeans that I don't want to make an investment in - like burgundy.  I am holding out for plaid like these. 

coat - Zara
shirt - Nordstrom, old
jeans - Old Navy {30% off with code "earlybird"}
shoes - Rag & Bone, Nordstrom
handwarmers - Krochet Kids
sunglasses - Warby Parker

would you like to win these hand-warmers?...

Have you entered 100$ giftcard to Krochet Kids?  

photos by Angie.
Happy Tuesday.



oh the places we go...

Angie and I were walking and we came across this insane cactus.  There are so many crazy plants in our beach town, mother nature is wild here.  Coming from the Pacific Northwest where everything is soft *think moss-covered* and lush and green, I am fascinated by the flora here - it's harsh and vibrant and sort of prehistoric right?  

So it seemed fitting we should photograph here, with these amazing plants.  And sometimes {or most of the time}, its literally...stand next to this cactus, in the street, in this neighbors' driveway, abandoned lot, alley, neighbors' yard, gas station.  Oh the places we go, just down the street. 

And the way my shirt sleeve detail mimicked the cactus, I mean really, isn't it fun?  We had no idea until looking at the pictures later.  Sometimes it just works out like that. 

vest, which is actually a dress - Anthropologie
shirt - Free People {similar}
leggings - Nordstrom {similar}
boots - Rag & Bone, Nordstrom
hat - Knit by my mother-in-law

Have you entered 100$ giftcard to Krochet Kids?  
photos by the amazing Angie.
Happy Wednesday!



#knowwhomadeit. Krochet Kids Shop For a Difference Giveaway

So as I write this post, "Redemption Song" is being sung on The Voice.  Such great lyrics, such a great song.  And I'm reading this,

And it sort of hits me like a ton of bricks.  So many people making a daily effort to change the world.  This one is so hard, and so good.  

"What would our world look like if we could know who made our products?"


Have you heard of Krochet Kids and the #KnowWhoMadeIt campaign?  

They are a non-profit that works with Women in Uganda and Peru, their model is 1. job  2. education  3. mentorship, giving these women skills and jobs to provide for themselves and their families, creating a sustainable future.

Every single item that Krochet Kids creates, is hand-signed by the person who created it.  I LOVE this gift idea.  I have already outfitted myself and my family, now on to Christmas presents...and maybe just this one more for myself.     


I love how personal this signature makes it.  We visited the Krochet Kids headquarters and there were success stories of women on the wall, one in particular, because of her job with Krochet Kids, now had a metal roof over her home, literally providing shelter for her family.  This is a story I can share with my children and help them to understand the impact can we have.   

The cherry on top, Krochet Kids has now started making clothing, and it's good.

krochet kids sweater
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krochet kids printed sweater

family photo attire
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krochet kids knit had

kids hat

krochet kids winter hat
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sweater and hat
sweater - Krochet Kids
jeans - 7 For Mankind {super old can you tell!?}
boots - Dolce Vita, Nordstrom {old, similar}

R's clothes
hat - Krochet Kids {note: its an adult size, the kids hats run snug}
shirt - Crewcuts from J. Crew Factory, the best score for kids clothes {similar}
jacket - Zara {old}
jeans - Crewcuts from J. Crew Factory
shoes - Converse, Nordstrom {similar}

So lets do a giveaway, because I love them, and want to share the love with you.  Enter to win a $100 giftcard to Krochet Kids by the following {leave a comment below for each one}.  Contest ends Sunday Nov. 30th at midnight.

1.  Visit Krochet Kids website and leave a comment below which item is your favorite.
2.  Share this giveaway on Facebook.
3.  Follow me, thekirstyfiles, on instagram, or if you don't instagram, subcribe with your email to receive blog updates {on the right hand column}.

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All opinions are my own, photos by Angie.

Happy Wednesday!



leopard in the streets, a remix

I originally posted this outfit here, commenting on how I wished I had those perfect red shoes instead of black.  So obviously I had to shoot this outfit one more time, with the shoes I had envisioned.

I also distressed my jeans a tad.  Its just this phase I'm going through.  And here's the thing, I absolutely ironed this shirt, apparently incorrectly.

What do you think?  Which do you like better?

sweater - Pim + Larkin, Piperlime
jeans - Mother Denim, old but a few still left here!
shoes - Banana Republic {and the navy suede, and the gray wool...}
lips - MAC.  Mac Red, Nordstrom

more sweater-with-personality picks, because they just make life more fun...

photos by Angie.
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Happy Wednesday.



Warby Parker Giveaway Winner is...

Thank you to everyone who entered to win Warby Parker sunglasses.  The winner is...

...Flynn Family, Congratulations!

Stay tuned Monday for another Shop For A Difference Giveaway, hint: it involves cozy hats and #knowwhomadeit.