Hair tip: just to clarify

I have been promising hair tips and tricks and videos for an embarassingly long time, and not delivered.  This is my meager attempt at following through.

To start - I feel like I have my hair system down pretty well, so when something makes a noticeable difference, it should be duly noted.

Normal Routine.  I tend to go about 4 days without washing/getting my hair wet.  Sometimes this works better than others, sometimes a hat or headband is involved (like a custom one from here you will see in an upcoming post.)  Lately, my hair has started getting quite oily and stringy, often on day two even, this does not work for my MO, I was getting panicked...

enter Superfruit Clarifying Shampoo.  I had this epiphany that maybe the product is NOT rinsing out of my hair and I am creating dull oily buildup.  After I washed with this shampoo, it totally did the trick.  My hair above is 3-day hair post Superfruit.  My curls are stilly fluffy (for lack of a better word), has bounce and shine aka. opposite of oily dull stringy.  Eek - I am giving you day 3 hair, so the roots are starting to misbehave but the curls are going strong.  So if you are a person with hair that requires a lot of product, you just may need clarification in your life.

Bonus:  It smells amazing!  Like amazing amazing.

The price might feel more than you normally spend, here is my argument.

Your hair - it is on you every single day.  The price per wear factor is completely worth it.  Taking care of your mane pays off.

Also, I this is not my regular shampoo, I am guessing every 2-3 weeks when my hair is seeming too heavy. So it's gonna last a long time.

Also sign up to receive Ouidad notifications {bottom left corner} so you can stay in the loop on their sales and promos, currently you get a free travel-size with any full-size purchase.

Last tip: I tend to keep the focus away from the roots, it says it is safe for color-treated hair, but I just don't want to give those gray hairs of mine any reason to get crazy and lose their color.  Follow up with a great conditioner, and rinse in cold water if you can stand it!

Please share what hair care you love, I'd love to hear.



A given? Shorts by day.

Here is the partner to my previous night post, seems more fitting to talk day-to-day on a Tuesday.  Out and about in my tailored pin-stripe shorts, which are not my typical choice, usually I would reach for frayed cut-offs or pj-like silk slip-ons.  So I paired with my favorite snakeskin t-strap sandals and Free People twill jacket, this just seems like a great mix of sophistication and free-spirit, maybe?  I am really liking the versatility of these shorts.

Couple other noteworthy items - my lip color, it's a stain and I can't get enough.  I LOVE bright lipstick but for those times when rockin-red isn't really right, this subtle coral color is awesome.  It's a stain, and it really does stay put, just enhancing your natural lip wattage.  The more layers you add, the more pop you get.  It also works for cheeks, but I haven't tried that yet.

And my earrings!  I'm really excited.  It has been a while since I have created a new line and these just came together so perfectly.  I have so many great ideas in my head that bomb.  So I'm stoked.  They are a tiny bit more bold than my original tag earrings and the mixed metal combo is my favorite.  So easy to wear with everything this summer.  What do you think?  I shall have them up on the website very soon...if you can't wait that long, email me {I might just offer you an early bird special...just saying}

Jacket - Free People, {different color on sale here}
shirt - J. Crew, oldie.
shorts - Gap
sunglasses - Michael Kors, Nordstrom {newest style here}
shoes - Seychelles, oldies.
earrings - Lucia K. Jewelry, coming soon!
lips - Benefit, Sephora

Photos by Angie.


Night to Day


Typically, usually, you start with "the Day", but it just seems like "the Night" is so much more appropriate for a Friday post.  As the weather is *supposedly* warming up, fun to incorporate shorts into a night out outfit.  {And for fabulous farmer tan fixes, these are my go-to, quick and fool-proof.}  Because why not get more mileage out of our clothing.

For years I have been leery of heels and shorts but secretly looooooved the idea.  If done in the right way, for the right occasion, you can be the show stopper but not the show.  And frankly, if you feel like it - do it.  Funny how it takes a little more life experience and -ahem age, to find your inner confidence.  If you feel confident, and you feel good - that makes any outfit.

Pairing a pair of tailored shorts with a classic shaped heel and blazer keeps things sophisticated.  Pinstripes and floral keep it from being stuffy.  Of course you may have to shave your legs - but it's worth it on occasion.

With all the patterns going on, having a go-to ever-so-blush leather clutch makes that destination for your night out essentials, brainless.  This beauty goes with everything.  I love the color, and the slightly longer length, because apparently I have a lot of essentials, and finish with a wrap around closure.  Yes please.

blazer - Zara, old
t-shirt - J.Crew, old
shorts - Gap {on sale! use code "WKEND" for an extra 30% off friday only}
heels - Dolce Vita, Saks off 5th {on sale!}
sunglasses - Michael Kors, Nordstrom {next generation here.}
lipstick - MAC in MAC Red, Nordstrom
necklace - Vintage
earrings - new made by me!
clutch - FinnAttire

So get out there and rock those gams ladies...or just rock it period.

photos by Angie.




Body Jewelry and Kombucha

Two of my spring obsessions - body chains and kombucha.  

Bet you didn't think putting those together in one post would make for such a light hearted kid-filled afternoon?  

Well first let's address body-chains, think of it as just a little more awesome than your favorite necklace.  They don't need to be saved for bikini clad beach moments, or uber chic festivals.  Just throw it on over a t-shirt and jeans, well don't throw, be careful, they get tangled fast!  And think of how awesome this will be over a little black dress, total game changer.  

And Kombucha tea, do you know it?  I try not to think about it too much, I just drink it, and I will not be brewing it myself.  Its bubbly, refreshing {this flavor is ginger, raspberry, lemon} but not sugary sweet and it full of probiotics.  If you follow me on instagram, it is part of my go-to cocktail currently.  This juice bar is our new jam, it's walkable from our house, organic, and yummy.  bonus - totally darling decor.  

So when your good friend is an amazing photog why not just shoot some pictures while treating yourself.   

top - old
jeans - 7 for all Mankind, old
shoes - FarylRobin c/o, Anthropologie
bodychain - Gorjana c/o, Nordstrom
watch - Kate Spade, Nordstrom
rings - Gorjana c/o, layered, crossover, and midi
bag - Finn Attire, now available for purchase here!

Photos by Angie.

Happy Wednesday,



Currently Wearing: Mothers' Day Midi in Coral & Blush

Another week has begun, here's an Iphone snap of what I wore yesterday {you can follow me on instagram at "thekirstyfiles" to see more daily outfits.}

This outfit made me feel just the right amount of girly, being celebrated by my three favorite men, and sophisticated, but not fussy or trying to hard.  

This skirt.  A complete spring fave.  The lush lovely coral color.  The full fabulousness.  The high waist that is just right and perfect for those shorter length tops that are popping up, and the perfect length hem.  Dress it up fancy here, an all time fave outfit of mine.  And now it is 40% off.  

And another wearing of my favorite tank, which is now available in black...  

tank - TopShop, Nordstrom
skirt - Chelsea28, Nordstrom
shoes - FarylRobin, c/o
glasses - Marc Jacobs, c/o {available here.}

Happiest Mondays to all you Mommas, and all the women that make this world beautiful.



this one feels like a fashion blogger

Every time I refer to myself as a fashion blogger, or that I have a fashion blog, I have a little internal giggle.  Don't get me wrong, I love fashion, and if I actually calculated how often I am thinking about something fashiony, it would not be something to brag about.  Perhaps counseling.  I love seeing what other people are wearing, for better or worse.  I love discussing trends.  I HATE bad footwear.  Ahem, certain brands that should be ashamed of themselves.   

But I am often found wearing the same things, same accessories - if any.  I can often be found with hack sewing jobs done by yours truly in a rush when something needs fixed, for the love I must start paying 12$ for an original hem, honestly!  and I am not not saying that I have on occasion used staples, or double-sided tape and left the house.  I prefer not to spend money on undergarments, hello costco {however I DO believe in getting fitted and wearing the correct bra!}.  My handbag collection is far from a collection.  It's a good week if I wash my hair twice.   And I love bargain basement sales.  And my closet is always in need of organizing. 

It's mostly putting together a complete look with different unique items that I don't wear everyday.    

Currently I happen to have jewelry samples - I haven't sold it all right off my neck.  and Currently I am sort of organized.  Give me a week.  So putting together this outfit was effortless.  and easy.  

About the outfit:  I feel like this outfit is effortless and easy but has a great mood to it.  

These tanks tops - I can't say enough good things, and I am talking plural because I bought a couple, and may buy a couple more.  If you could feel them, they are a great material, so soft, and hang great.  The fit is awesome, love the lower U neck if you will, super flattering, yet snug in the armpits.  Anyone else with me on that long time gone post breastfeeding but can't get rid of side boob area next to the armpit, I don't like to share it with everyone walking down the street.  TMI?  Well it's true.  They are a great price and ship free.  I will say they run a bit small, the tank tops people!

The tassle necklace -  made by me!  I stumbled on some wonderful vintage silver beads, and I recycled some other old silver beads into a new life, combined them with gunmetal chain and nude leather.  Somehow this combination is a knockout in my mind.  I actually only have one left, besides my sample....

tank - Topshop, Nordstrom {run small}
pants - Aritzia {run large}
shoes - FarylRobin, c/o {at Anthropologie}
bag - it's oilcloth and the best for the market, similar
necklace - Tassle: Lucia K. Jewelry {me!}, the other: an oldie from a HS bestie
ring - ball one: old.  midi - Gorjana c/o

thanks for reading my "fashion blog."



At the bottom of the beautiful briny sea...

I don't often wear all black.  It feels more sophisticated than I think I am, but it's also so easy.  I don't own a lot of black tops - I always gravitate towards white, and then spill on myself.  Guarantee.  Without fail, when I have on a nice top, I start cooking and get oil on myself.  Anyone else??  and how in the *#@$ are you supposed to get oil spots out of clothes?  Its the worst.  ugh.  

So black is good, although it doesn't hide oils, it hides a lot.  And then you can pop in some great gold jewelry and rad shoes.  Really rad shoes.  A simple woven wedge, a simple tie around the ankle,  great nude color.  They are just that good.  

And then there is the photobombing, shooting with my boys in tow has turned into a photobombing adventure.  It was sort of raining when we stepped outside, so they were super excited to put their umbrellas - Christmas purchases from Washington state, and suddenly we were swimming with bees and nemos.  Makes for great real smiles for me.  

This shoot ended up being more about the kiddos and not so much my outfit.  I hope you still enjoy.

top - Zara, old
jeans - DL1961, Hautelook - a great place for designer denim deals.
shoes - FarylRobin, c/o.  Available at Anthropologie
sunglasses - Marc Jacobs, c/o.  Available at Nordstrom
clutch - Kate Spade, old
earrings - Lucia K. Jewelry
lips - Nars in Damned, Nordstrom

photos by Angie.