Mom style 101

Well this outfit seems appropriate as I am in full-fledged mommy mode with the onset of summer.  And since it is still June, don't rush the days folks, there is still that dramatic sun behind the clouds temperature shift.  

and one day till my oldest turns 7.  ahhhhhhh.

This outfit meets all these needs {well except the being 7 part, that's gonna take some really great ice cream and chocolate chip cookies and watching baby videos} in a fresh but not trying too hard kind of way.  

This Free People tunic is so fabulous that I do indeed own two, which isn't that big of a deal because it comes in like 25 colors and patterns, and each one makes it look totally different, really.  You definitely want to wear a slip underneath, learned that one AFTER seeing photographs, that are not seen on this blog, oops.  bonus - rockin swimsuit coverup.

My new denim vest seems to be going almost everywhere with me.  I have this thing with collars, I am super particular with the way coats and vest and aprons, and necklaces, sheesh, rub on my neck.  I think my neck is quite sensitive and maybe a bit weak.  The point is that this vest is crazy comfortable.  And I just love the wash, it is reminiscent of this distressed from real wear Levi's, I swear sherpa lined, jacket my dad used to always wear.  He was so ahead of his time.  and handsome.  Comfort and nostalgia in summers best item.

In this case I layered my vest over a perfectly broken in hoodie that I borrowed from my photog Angie, I mean really she's amazing on so many levels. 

Apparently I have a lot to say tonight. 

Oh, and I don't want to forget the shoes.  These slip-on sneaks are ultra chic mommy gear.  The pearly oyster color with the woven mesh detail.  So good.  And the perfect amount of white sole, not too chunky but not I'm so delicate I can't keep up with the boys.

Hmmm, maybe I'm getting a bit too loopy.

watch - Kate Spade, Nordstrom on sale! | rings - c/o Gorjana, available here and here | midi rings - c/o Gorjana, available here | bracelet - c/o Gorjana, available here | nails - Butter London "come to bed red." here.

vest - Treasure and Bond, Nordstrom
jacket - borrowed
tunic - Free People {here, here, now in ombre!, few older colors on sale, and here.} 
shoes - Vince, Saks off 5th, also here.
sunglasses - Michael Kors, similar
Lips - Nars "Poplife," Nordstrom

Happy Friday.  Photos by Angie.



stripes, flares, a few well placed accessories, and my summer list.

So summer has begun in our household, and since I now have elementary school kids, this takes on quite a bit of meaning.  We are thinking through what our themes are for the summer, part of my problem is that by the time I think through, it is half over, so I'm trying hard.  Here's what I've got so far...

Eat the rainbow.
Start Family Service Charts {aka chores but I learned a much nicer name}
Be Present.
Snuggle More, and read more books.
Take Piano Lessons.
Beach Camp.
Beach in the morning and at sunset.
Drink a glass of lemon water every morning.
July - Cold brew whole milk mochas.  It's just right in my world.
Host more friends.
Write at least a letter a week, each of us.
Make Journals and document our summer.
Take the Trolley.
Read the Gospels.
More Dance Parties.
Outdoor Movies.

So this is on my mind currently.  As always in life, its a work in progress.  I'm thinking I need to write this somewhere and hang it on the wall.  I really want to treasure these fleeting months.  

Thanks for hearing me out.

On my Outfit - Yay Flares!  My favorite white tank on repeat.  And a blazer that I scored at a Dolce Vita sample sale but have never worn, I so want to be a blazer person.  

and loads of accessories, my new earrings and necklace for Lucia K. Jewelry, coming soon.  Which pair perfectly with Gorjana.  Since the outfit was simple, lots of delicate gold jewelry seemed right.  

If ever in doubt you can't go wrong with a great pair of jeans and a simple white top.  Appropriately add a pair of amazing shoes, and then sprinkle away with chic accessories.  Even better, garnish with bright lips.

Now I'm hungry!

jacket - Dolce Vita
tank - Top Shop, Nordstrom {runs small, I sized up}
jeans - Hudson, Nordstrom Rack {such a great place for designer denim, similar styles}
shoes - Frye, old but totally resurrected and I'm proud!
hanbag - Duex Lux, Saks Off 5th. {similar}
watch - Kate Spade, Nordstrom
bracelet - Gorjana, c/o {find here}
rings - Gorjana, c/o {find here, other one here.}
earrings - Lucia K. Jewelry
necklace - Lucia K. Jewelry

I'd love to hear your plans for summer, what I'm I forgetting??

linking up with pleated poppy for what i wore weds.  photos by Angie.



Well it all started with a white ruffled dress, and then I went on and on...

I always give my husband crap that he can remember the most random sports facts in history, yet couldn't tell you my coffee drink to save his life.  But if I'm to look in the mirror I can recall fashion moments like nobody's business.

I mean I can't be the only one...  in fact, recently on insta, Lovinstyling remarked on a shirt and the time years prior she remembered me wearing it, and I reiterated with what she also had been wearing at this event.  And to think at the time we hardly knew eachother, clearly destined for life long fashion friendship.

I'm getting off track.

enter this ruffle dress.

It was part of an epic stop at the outlets, that involved a breast pump and a major sale.  We had left our two babies with their loving Yiaya and Papu so we could celebrate our 7th anniversary...alone!  On the drive we stopped at the J.Crew outlet and things just fell into place.  I lobbied for, and won, a flannel shirt, white tee w/ sequin pocket, black down long puffer jacket and this dress.  And seriously all of these are still being worn, that never happens.

This dress was worn for my first Lucia K. Jewelry trunk show, I was so nervous, with a pair of boots and olive tights {I so wanted to appear hip even though I had gotten about 5 hrs sleep the night before} and those dang tights would not stay put, ugh, the worst.  Look at how dark, and straight - seriously pregnancy hormones calmed the curls - my hair was!

And then a second trunk show with brown booties and brown tights, to elongate the legs of course.

At the baby shower for my best friend to celebrate her first born, a determined and darling daughter who is going to change the world just like her momma, with stone gray knee high boots and cranberry colored tights.

Then at a wonderful wine tasting event with a favorite work colleague wearing my treasured brown Frye cowboy boots.  They served this fabulous steak with black sea salt sprinkled on top, it changed my red meat consumption, and some wine.

So really the point {and I suppose if you were to ever think of doing that darn capsule wardrobe} is that a great classic piece of clothing will last through the years - you only need to adjust the accessories.

To my surprise, this dress has been reinvented yet again with the addition of complimenting blush shoes,  the texture of the basketweave on the shoe and the ruffle texture of the dress just belong, like peanut butter and jelly, but really the whip cream on top {have you ever put whip cream on your pbj toast, it's serious.} is the sweetest tiniest almost animal printesque polka-dot detail on the shoe paired against the leopard print belt.  The oppose and they attract.  I am really into this entire mix.

dress - J. Crew outlet, old
shoes - FarylRobin, c/o {find here}
belt - Target, old

And because every website I went to hunting for classic white dresses was talking the current white trend front and center, and I got lost in the white of it all. So here are my choices, and wants...

Photos by Angie.  linking up with pleated poppy for what i wore weds.



A Wedding Reverie.

Lets just start this week off right.

I finally got my hands on her photos, and while Angie is away in Thailand, this seems like the right time to share some of her amazing wedding.

Angie and her husband are the type of people that just make you feel like part of the family, they are generous and welcoming, and the couple you always want to have at your dinner table.  Their wedding was more like a town celebration, that was wonderfully beautifully thoughtfully put together.

I love how much of their own artistic touch was put into this wedding, and on a budget (and in a very short amount of time.)  They gathered much of their community to help create the vision, including an afternoon of making cement planters for the succulent centerpieces.  

Um and the bride, stunning.

It was such a gift to be a part of this wedding and watch the reverie unfold.

Hope this leaves you with inspiration for your week, to delight in the simple beauty of it all.  Listen to your creativity, let it inspire you.



Sucker for a cuffed bell-sleeve

Cuffed Bell-Sleeve.  Not sure if this is even a real term, but if it's not - I'm coining it.  I love these sleeves.  This sweater has literally been with me through the thick and thin of it.  And it just brings me joy.  I don't bring it out a lot, but I am always happy when I do.

A lot like scents, clothes have a way of vividly recalling memories for me.  I just had to dig back into my Facebook archives to find this gem.

Please note:

That belly still had 6 weeks to go, how that was even possible.

A. - still a closest dearest friend, raising our babies together in SoCal, who would have ever thought.  Seriously ever.

And man I am a bangs lover, my hair during pregnancy got a little bit straighter and I jumped, leaped, bounded onto that bangs wagon.  It never quite worked out.  If the 80s hair ever truly comes back into style, I will be straight bangs in front, with a big ol' curl party in the back.  For sure.

And why wouldn't I take my phone out of my back pocket to take a side profile picture.  I guess when you're belly is that big, it just doesn't really matter anymore.

sweater - old, back when Macy's was the Bon Marche
jeans - 7 for all Mankind, old
shoes - DV by Dolce Vita, find here and here.
lips - NARS in Damned, Nordstrom.
earrings - Lucia K. Jewelry {new, coming soon! or lets be honest, just email me.}

linking up with pleated poppy for what i wore weds.  photos by Angie.



Instagram: My daily happenings.

Do you Instagram?  This is the place where moments in my life are documented.  I manage to post a lot more of what I am wearing here as well.  And a little bit of the foods I'm enjoying, and those I'm loving.  Follow along at thekirstyfiles.

coming soon to Lucia K. Jewelry

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