casual prep in white.


Well, I am a firm believer that most fashion rules are made to be broken, and in honor of wearing white after labor day, I've decided to keep going with this one.  Classic prep, what do you think?  

jeans - Machine B, Isla Boutique
jacket - H&M
shirt - Chaserbrand {here}
shoes - Dolce Vita, 6pm




beach hair - how to fight the frizz {the curl files}

 Beach hair is a love hate relationship.  Sometimes those sun-kissed wind-blown locks look just right, other times I look like I stuck my finger in a light-socket.  Thank goodness for cute hats. 

So besides investing in cute hats, what's a girl to do when humidity strikes?   And for me this is happening in the form of a nearby ocean, but lets not forget those beloved autumn showers and afternoon thunderstorms reaking havoc on hair around the country.

And then get back to me.

OK, although I haven't figured out a fail-proof solution {yet!}, this is as close as I've gotten.  You can see in the picture above after a few hours at the beach there is still some frizz and some curls getting unruly.  So embrace the messy hair and carry on, and get this product...

If I know I am going to be in high humidity {I don't do this as part of my normal routine}...here's what you do - after you have done your regular style routine, and your hair is about 90% dry {the stage where the curls are set, but can still soak up some product, make sense?} rub a decent dollop of Ouidad Heat and Humidity gel in the palms of your hand and smooth onto your hair.  Don't run your fingers through your hair as your doing this, you don't want to mess up your styling, think smoothing the hair shaft, go from root to end and try to coat all the curls.  Now let dry completely.

Now once the hair is dry you may have some crunchy parts from the gel, although its usually not too bad.  A dollop of Ouidad shine glaze again on your palms and smooth through your hair root to end.  This should do the trick.

These products are definitely an investment.  I have found that if you sign for Ouidad's emails, you will find out about regular sales and promotions, and that is the time I stock up, plus you receive free samples of other products to get hooked on.

Happy Locks.

Would love to hear what other solutions you may have to fight the frizz.



those silly rules {what i wore}

I feel like most fashion rules are made to be broken...
1.  Your handbag and shoes should match.  Nope!
2.  Black and Navy can't be worn together.  Do it!
3.  You can't mix your gold and silver jewelry.  It is way more fun, yes you can!
4.  You can't wear white after Labor Day.  Absolutely!

So this week its all about white, in the land of neutrals, white is what I reach for {although lately black has been making a strong argument.}  It's classic, it's bleachable, it looks great with red lipstick, and it's definitely wearable all year round.

top - Chaserbrand, Isla boutique {also here}
jeans - Machine B Denim, Isla boutique
shoes - Seychelles, Anthropologie {on sale!}
sunglasses - Warby Parker

and the best part about this is that as we say goodbye to summer, white is often on sale {just look here}.  some of my favorite steals...

this weeks homework {we are in full school mode here} go forth and break a fashion rule, or two.

photos by Angie.  linking up with pleated poppy for what i wore weds.


instagram happenings

Here's my life in Aug and Sept according to my instagram, thekirstyfiles

please follow my little moments at thekirstyfiles




just another romper in the grass {what i wore}


romper - old
boots - Sam Edelman, Nordstrom {lots of colors on sale}
sweater - Brandy Melville, old.

Cardigans are a great way to make an end of summer outfit work, those days that start blissfully chilly only to become quite hot then back to chilly.  On again, off again cardigan. 

Great cardi options...

happy wednesday.



friday fringe.

This week has worn me out.  I had plans for the blog this week, I mean it is New York Fashion Week, and at the very least get some outfit posts up, but this was also my oldest's first week of kindergarten, and it has hit my like a ton of bricks.  I'm so drained I have no sufficient words to explain at the moment.  So amazing, bittersweet, and heartbreaking all in one.

My wonderful mother-in-law, and by wonderful I mean off the charts amazing, called me today and gave me some very wise words...don't forget to see the joy in these moments as well, there will only be one first week of kindergarten for R, be in the present with ALL the emotions that brings, but don't forget to truly celebrate it.

So hopefully this will put some pep in your step, who doesn't love some extra fringe in their life.  And thank goodness its Friday.

dress - Dolce Vita, on sale at 6pm
shoes - Charles by Charles David, Nordstrom

Celebrating life.