Blush and Copper Galentine Party Inspiration

I'm so excited about this post today, not just because I love a gorgeous party.  Erin from Yay Parties is sharing her party inspiration.  Not only is she a darling mother of 3, she hosts the best events.  They are a pinterest dream.  She knows her details, AND finds the best sources.  A curating deva.

See what she has put together for our enjoyment


// Blush & Copper Galentine’s Day Party Inspiration //

I love the whole ‘Galentine’s Day Party’ thing….it’s such a fun excuse for a girls get-together! And
a bit of a new take on an old holiday.  In the same way, I’m inspired by vintage-y (is that a word?) romantic décor with a modern twist.  The combination of blush pink with hints of copper bring that feel for me in these party ideas.  It’s fashion-forward. It’s modern with some geometric touches. And it’s still feminine without being too girly.

galentine party inspiration
1 // Copper Plant Hangers :: These are actually a DIY! I think they bring the perfect modern touch to your table scape while incorporating the copper. Find the DIY here.

2 //  Copper Tag Earrings :: No party is complete without the perfect jewelry to accompany your party duds! These earrings are made by Kirsty and can be found at her shop here.

3 // “love” copper metallic script balloon :: I mean…I’m dying over this! I love the metallic letter balloon party trend and this new script balloon takes it to a whole new level.  From the masters of balloons.

4 //  Tissue Tassel Garland Kit :: the perfect colors!! This trend isn’t going away any time soon, it appears. This tassel garland is by the Etsy shop PaperBoyParty and you can buy them here.

5 // Table inspiration :: I really like the simplicity (and imagine it with the Copper Plant Hangers
on top of the runner!).  You can find that gauzy blush colored fabric (or an equivalent) at any
fabric store and with some good thrift store treasure hunting you could find some of those brass
candlesticks. Find more pics of the table here.

6 // Copper Spray-Painted Honeycomb Balls :: Okay, this is brilliant!! Spray painting a little bit
of copper onto cream colored honeycomb balls really gives the vintage honeycomb a modern
touch. BTW, this was a DIY for Christmas….I love using unconventional décor for parties! It’s
charmingly unexpected. Find the DIY here.

7 // Geometric Party Plates :: These plates are the PERFECT color and shape for our party! But I hate to say, I think they’re not available yet.  Find similar rose gold geometric plates here.

8 // Geometric Copper Heart Pillow :: Bring the theme into your living room too! Find this
pillow at an Etsy shop here.

9 // Geometric Copper Pinata :: I’m infatuated with the piñatas from Prospect Goods.  I think it
would be awesome hanging from the ceiling (maybe over your party table?) mixed with those
honeycombs.  Find it here.

10 // Blushing Grapefruit Cocktail :: you HAVE to have a fun cocktail to go along with your
theme! This one is the perfect color (I love that! I’m a dork)….and sounds super tasty.  Find the
recipe here.

Cheers, ladies!


For much more party inspiration follow Erin's instagram at Yayparties.

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5 ways I am wearing denim culottes, and a Case for their staying power.

I am making a prediction that culottes will be here in a major way for spring.  Picture these with espadrille wedges or t-strap flats, strappy sandals, woven mules.  Do you see what I mean.  Wide leg cropped jeans are popping up every, and 70's style are still a major player in the spring lookbooks.  

Mix up your cropped skinny for a cool effortless style and these just happen to be crazy comfortable, and on sale.  The fitted high waist of this denim help create a long leg line, perfect even short and long legs alike.  Petite frames you can do this too. 

And finally this is a way to sport the more cropped hem tops of the now without feeling over-exposed.  I mean midriffs are tricky.

Culottes - 7 For All Mankind, Amazon, I went down a size, they run large.

and the shooooooooes please.

So there you have it.  That's my case.  And you will be seeing lots more of these throughout the next months.



4 Ways to Nail being a Super Savvy Shopper.

A profession stylist and expert shopper, here is Jenn sharing her savvy shopping tips:


Apparently "Frugal February" is a thing...(seems a bit rough following a "Dry January"). However,
like most of us, I'm trying to watch my spending after the holiday season, not-to-mention the approach of tax time! With this frugal spirit in mind, I thought that I would share a few of my sale-watching tips and tricks:
  1. Create a 'wish list'. I use the notes function on my phone a lot. This helps me keep in mind the things that I reeeaaallly want, and I use this as a reminder when I come across a $10 sweater and a $30 skirt. Even though inexpensive (and likely fabulous), I remind myself that they are NOT on the list.
  2. Use the wish list function on your favorite sites. For example, I'm keeping my eye on the Hudson Jeans (pictured below). I first saw them at Nordstrom. In an effort to be a savvy shopper and not pay full-price, I remind myself that this is the very beginning of the spring season and that these jeans will likely be marked down.
  3. Price adjust. ALWAYS. Should you buy your jeans full-price and then no sooner find them on sale, many retailers will honor a price adjustment within a certain amount of time following your purchase. Also, many retailers will also price match, should you find the item on your wish list for less at another store. Always ask...worst case is that you will be denied.
  4. Take advantage of shopping apps. I use both Shopstyle and Lyst to create wish lists of items that I am lusting after. Both of these apps have a feature to notify me when items are marked down in my size. I can then either pop into the store or purchase directly thru the app.
My current wish list includes the following:
You may be sensing a theme here...obviously I'm still loving all things '70's style for spring. What's on your wish list? Have some saving tips to share? Please leave a message.
Thanks for reading! ~Jenn
anine-bing-outfit-army-jacket2The jacket is awesome, right?! Photo credit: Anine's World

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Jonesing for a Spring Wardrobe, how to rework in the now for Frugal February.

Quite a blog title I know.

Here's the thing, I am at a crossroads of cozy sweaters and sandals, soft flannel and light florals.  Isn't that just February, not quite spring but trying to shake the bad rap of winter weather.  Sooo last season.

I love this romper, its a summer staple.  {UGH.  in fact I just realized I never posted the outfit pictures of this romper from this summer.  So me.  I am including one below to feel better.}  I wanted to rework it to be appropriate now, ushering in happy florals in the warmth of wonderful turtlenecks.  

It's a perfect union. 

 And since it's frugal February, the challenge is using pieces I already owned.  Nothing new here folks, looking at my current wardrobe in new ways.  Enter the denim vest.  Who knew this piece would be tops for me.  Such a great purchase.  Why can't i get this right all the time?  I'm a work in progress.  

And the whole socks with shoes thing, but not like normal socks and shoes, no thanks.  Cute ruffly socks with dressy shoes.  Not quite ready for that, consider tights and boots, and a cropped wool blazer or jean jacket for added warmth, instead of the vest.  

My Frugal February Rework...

Summer, I am more tan and my hair is more dark, ironically.  Guess I'm a winter blonde.

vest - Treasure and Bond, Nordstrom.  similar
turtleneck - Queen Anne Dispatch
Romper - Old
socks - Uniqlo
shoes - Faryl Robin c/o.  coming soon to Anthro, really any day now.
bag - Finn Leather Goods
watch - Nordstrom

Please note:  this is California style February, definitely not showing this much bare leg in the Pacific Northwest yet, thick tights would be happening.  But my point is still made I hope.

Do you feel me??  Today, look at the "summer" pieces in your wardrobe and try introducing them to your winter items.  Could make for an interesting February and a few smiles.

photos by Angie.


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My Frugal February, and a heart garland DIY

heart decorations

So to start (but don't forget to read the end of the post, that part's good too)...

100% I am a sucker for love.  and hearts.

And we have been slowly unpacking and decorating, and honestly our lamp shades did not fair well the last few months being stuffed in boxes, yes indeed a few months without lampshades, and I find lamps extremely challenging to begin with.  I can coordinate shoes and outfits with the best of them - in my humble opinion - but put me on decorating duty.  It does not come easy.  Add to it that it's been dark A LOT these last few months, so I have been joking not joking to my husband that I was going to hang all our patio bistro lights all across the ceiling in our living room.

You know, to create ambiance.

Enter Fairy Lights.  and Pipe Cleaners.  and Frugal February.

So this is my attempt to share with you all my super easy, relatively inexpensive, DIY Heart Garland.  (can I just say that taking pictures of my house it very hard, too much critiquing and not enough celebrating, more on that at the end of the post.)

What you need:  Fairy Lights and Pipe Cleaners.

Before we start this is overall how I shaped my hearts, hooking the top together.

Step 1.  Make a "V" with little hooks on top.

Step 2: Wrap the fairy light wire gently around the pipe cleaner, then bring the hooks together and form the heart.

Make as few or as many as you'd like.  I prefer not to measure.  You know, it's organic.
DIY heart garland

Fairy Light Garland

And then hang them till your hearts content.
starry night heart lights

Valentine Decor

A note on February, and what being frugal means to me:

Focusing on all that I have, not what I don't.

Celebrating Love, in all forms, giving more than we receive - only to be filled up tenfold in other ways.

Celebrating small details.

Of course this also means being mindful of our finances and perhaps saying no to things we might normally indulge ourselves, and the food budget thing that I am following Jimin's lead on.  This is a bit ironic considering we have a holiday, a double birthday celebration and a vacation this month.

But I'm up for the challenge, and the change in perspective.  And to get creative.  I have a lot of ideas for my blog - a few DIYs, also ways that I am celebrating Love, restyling outfits that I already own - giving them new life....

And would love for you to join me and share your thoughts!  One of the biggest gifts is community.

And just because we all need inspo, and perhaps pipe cleaner creativity isn't your thing, thanks for reading to the end, aren't these just lovely, those striped pipe cleaners, and "let's cuddle" and little red mushrooms, darling darling garland...



Frugal February: Let the fun begin.

My friend and food-blogger, Jimin, always inspires me with her themed months, this time around I have decided to embark on this adventure myself.  And since she is the reason for my Frugal February Fun, it seemed only right to have her fill you in on their interpretation of frugal ways.

Tomorrow I will talk more about the ways February is inspiring me and what you can expect on the blog.  It's gonna be fun!

I mean who doesn't love a theme.

Ok, J take it away...

Every year, G and I celebrate Frugal February to well, be more frugal. We honestly thought we made it up until I started looking it up on the inter web and it's totally a thing.

FF is a great way to reset your financial ways, especially after the holiday season, but it is also a fabulous food reset. Below are the guidelines we follow for the month, but we're stretching it out through (Mindful) March because we have a few things this month that aren't so frugal (Disneyland, Warriors/Clippers game, friends from out of town). You know, life stuff.

: Personal shopping is out. Anything outside of the essentials are not allowed.
: Happy hour or lunch special dining out only, but best to avoid eating out all together.
: Sell some stuff, whether it's clothes, furniture, whatever we don't need anymore.
: Whole Foods shopping is out of the question, unless a gift card is used (we have one precious card from Christmas).
: Clean out the freezer of all meals.
: Clean out the pantry of dried goods.
: Less meat or only cheap cuts of meat.
: More legumes, grains, soups and stews.

One thing I'm going to try is planning out two weeks of dinners in advance because planning is key when it comes to budget meals. I'll let you know how that pans out.  Looking for inspiration? Here are some great recipes that happen to be budget-friendly :)

Later this week I will be posting the BEST salsa that is cheap, delicious, lasts forever and makes everything it touches insanely good. The rest of the month will also include other delicious, frugal food.

Anyone else want to jump on the Frugal February bandwagon??

Join the frugal fabulousness, and check us both out on instagram: we_who_eat and thekirstyfiles.



Casual Friday in an Overcoat

Sometimes the victories are small.  

There are those days.  And those weeks.  Sheesh.  This January has had more than it's share of low days for me.  On those days it is simple things that can be monumental in the mood department.   

This outfit is the outcome of a day I challenged myself out of my sweats and into real clothes.  An oversized t-shirt and distressed jeans is sort of a given, but honestly after 36 hours in the same pajamas, read stomach flu, it's a win. 

Adding an oversized coat, well functionally it was necessary, but I also love the casual street style interest it added, so even though doing my hair and putting on makeup was more than I could muster, a hat and sunglasses make it look like I meant to right?

Always a good idea to have that go-to outfit for days when you need to put yourself together in order to put yourself together.  Something you feel good in, that's effortless.

Coat - Zara.  no longer avail.
Tee - Mango.  on sale
Jeans - 7 for all Mankind.  old
boots - Faryl Robin c/o.  old
Hat - Hinge, Nordstrom
Earrings - Lucia K. Jewelry

Cheers to the weekend and small victories.