Bells in the Streets, an ode to Kells.

Or perhaps better titled "legs for miles" because lets be honest high-waisted flare jeans are a momma's best friend.  And clearly add at least 6 inches to that leg line.  We heart optical illusions.

This one is for my best friend Kells, her and I make up two thirds of our college trio. Warning: memory lane flashback...she and I go allllll the way back to dorm room nachos when she would place a piece of sliced cheese on every chip, shoe box deliveries full of special K bars that we would finish in one setting, and treetop apple juice boxes...someone say freshman 15.  Halloween bus-trips to "the city" dressed as Raggedy Ann and Andy, what {insert explicative} were we thinking?!  All night cram sessions that would start with a 12 pack of Mountain Dew and end with delirium and tears.  She kept me fed regularly, passing many of my classes, scraped me off the ground when I lost my mom, kept me together as a bride and saved my sanity as a new mom.  What could I have to offer her?  Just my opinion...

Well fast forward many life events, joys and sorrows, and there is my quest to put her in skinny jeans.  I have bribed her with hand-me-down wedge boots, way too much unsolicited fashion advice and perhaps a threat or two regarding how our children would perceive us stuck in our favorite fashion trends decades later.  But she is a girl who knows what she likes, and she's smart - you can't argue with the flattering effect of a flare.  She who recently texted me to let me know flare legs were indeed still in style, and in fact, in her mind, had never left.  So there you go Kells.  You {sorta} win.   For now.  Especially since turtle necks are back too.  

I'd say if you're going to go wide, pair them with a pair of heels or they will tend to swallow you right up...wedges are perfection with flares, also platforms, walking will be a lot easier, and a thin heel will just get lost in the volume.  

tank - Old
cardigan - Tildon, Nordstrom {similar}
jeans - 7 for all Mankind {oldies}
belt - Target {10$ clearance! similar}
shoes - Cole Haan {old, similar}
sunglasses - Warby Parker
lips - MAC in MAC Red, Nordstrom
earrings - Lucia K. Jewelry 
ring - Vintage.

I love the cut of these long line jeans over 100$...

and some great choices for under 100$...

Stay tuned tomorrow for my favorite wedges of the season, perfect pairing for flare.
linking up with pleated poppy for what i wore weds.  photos by Angie.



the High and Low of Florals

Funny how fashion works, as much as I love it, it can be scary how influenced {my husband would substitute brainwashed} we are.  This last week I looked in my closet and thought there is just not enough florals in my life.  And then spring lines came and here they are...

To me this is the quintessential heel for spring, if you are adding a spring pump to your wardrobe you may consider this one.  The price is right on, the cut and heel perfection {I'm wearing them here, except for the long grass, oops.} and just for fun, lets compare to the *sigh* Manolo...

Cheers to floral fun this spring.



Pink in Palms

full midi skirt

The first time I went to the desert I was not expecting it to be so cool {NOT in temperature, but style}.  I fell for the retro ubercoolness of it all.  Even the palm trees sway to a hipster beat at the foot of the San Bernadino-or is it San Jacinto-or Santa Rosa mountains.  Well, I guess that is fitting for the Coachella valley.  

Chic grandma style seemed fitting for the hipster desert, without trying too hard, and maybe a little unexpected?

I fell for the grandma vibe of this skirt.  Does anyone else get that?  The lush coral color is fabulous and has made me want all things that color.

A word on "Midi" length skirts - This length is quite conservative for me,  I admit I prefer a bit shorter, or maxi length, but with the volume and grandma vibe it felt right.  It is flattering, because it sits at my natural waist {aka the smallest part} and it hits ever-so-slightly below the knee, where the leg is narrow, before the meat of the calf begins.  Don't be afraid to hem if you fall for a skirt that doesn't fall at the right spot, it can make all the difference.   

The lace top keeps this outfit cool - in temperature - and modern in feel.  The grandma skirt keeps the top from feeling too young.  The bralette underneath keeps the party G-rated.  And the shoes, oh if only you could see them better,  keeps me on my best behavior.  Soooooo lady-like!   And the oversized cat-eye sunglasses with perfectly placed studs seals the deal.

My wristband lets me get to the VIP section.

I think this outfit would work for a bridal shower, a cocktail party, a formal dinner, date night....

black lace top

curly hair

On a recent girls weekend to AZ, I discovered Saks off 5th, and oh my goodness!  This top and shoes are both from there, along with my new favorite slip-on sneaks and a few other items, the sales were drool worthy incredible.

top - Wells Grace, Saks Off 5th. {69% off!}
bralette - Free People, Nordstrom
skirt - Chelsea28, Nordstrom
pumps - DV by Dolce Vita, Saks off 5th {44% off!}
sunglasses - Marc by Marc Jacobs, c/o {Nordstroms}
watch - Kate Spade, Nordstrom
lips - Nars in Poplife, Nordstrom
earrings - Lucia K. Jewelry

Photos by Angie.



foliage and fur.

In California when it rains, it's no joke, the clouds open up and dump like I've rarely seen in the Pacific Northwest.  It goes along with my theory that everything in California is extreme.  Ironic, considering it supposedly rains ALL the time in Seattle.  People in the PNW don't even carry umbrellas, really.  

So as we are shooting these pictures and are so stoked for the gray cloudy sky, this giant rain cloud is looming in the distance.  These thoughts are running through my head...um, we are getting reeeally far from the car...  shall I save my newly washed/dried hair, or my shoes?  Can I save both?  

Of course I would definitely choose my shoes.  I've gone barefoot in some very questionable places to save my shoes.

Well we made it before the sheets of rain came pouring down.

cargo - H&M
shirt - Nordstrom {similar}
fur snood - Target
jeans - 7 for all Mankind, suuuper old
watch - Kate Spade, Nordstrom

great spring cargos, this first one with the fluttery bottom, are you kidding me!...

photos by Angie.



Layer of interest.

This past year I had my hair balayaged and I may never stop.  Balayage is when color, highlights, and/or lowlights are painted on your hair, instead of foils.  This gives your hair color a more "natural" ha! look.  And it is really fun to watch your colorist, who is like an artist painting a canvas.   I feel like my colorist has given great definition and visual depth to my curls.

I try to stretch out my balayage appointments as long as possible, wearing hats A LOT towards the end of the 3 months trying to push out towards 4.  I was completely embracing this "ombre" look right?  

BUT I have quite a bit of gray hair, its uncanny.  So my husband, who mind you doesn't like to spend money unless he HAS to said "I think it's time to get your hair done honey."  

So there you have it.  I guess it is time to make an appointment.  Can you see the grays below?...  

Just focus on the fun layers I'm wearing.  I little trick when I feel like my dress or t-shirt and sweater/jacket just isn't quite working, but almost, add another layer of interest in between - a denim/plaid/print/stripe button-up shirt or zip up hoodie.  I'd say keep the inner layer light weight so as to not add too much bulk.  I felt like the dark teal dress and dark gray sweater, two favorites and crazy comfortable pieces needed a little lightening, so I added the light colored chambray to break up the dark.  

Play around with it. 

cardigan - Tildon, Nordstrom {sold out, similar}
denim shirt - Madewell, similar
dress - Free People, Queen Anne Dispatch 
other options...on sale in eggplant here
boots - vintage from my grandma, woohoo!
necklace - Lucia K. Jewelry

photos by the amazing Angie.
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instagram: my mini blog

Often, my intentions of posting multiple outfit posts a week on the blog does not happen.  This is why I love instagram.  It has become my mini blog - a way for me to post my favorite outfits throughout the week, and document other memorable moments.  Capturing the small details of life that I love.  I also do a better job on explaining my hair products and secrets for happy curls.
Here is what I have been up to lately...

If you want to see more of my fashion, follow along at thekirstyfiles.  




the forgotten cargo and lacy black skirt.

I hate to admit this but often times I forget what great pieces I have in my closet.  Two parts always on the hunt for that specifically amazing item on my wantlist dreaming up ways I'd wear it, one part I err on the side of managed chaos and disorganization.  

Neither of these things am I proud of, what self-help book is going to fix me?!  Not so sure it exists but I am starting some themes in my weekdays...example:  two-load(s of laundry) tuesdays is going to slowly transform our lives.  right?

So when Angie showed up stylishly dressed, as always, wearing this cargo jacket it jogged my memory that I too owned this gem.  However, hers is amazingly worn in, to the point that I immediately washed mine 2 times to try and gain the same brushed effect, not quite yet. 

Then I wanted to wear a skirt, vaguely feeling like there was something but couldn't quite put my finger on it, I spotted this in the back of my closet, circa 2005.  One of those pieces I have always loved, even remember buying it, sale rack at Anthro, and thru the years held on to, but sadly, it's forgotten in the back of my closet.  Does this happen to anyone else??

What is old is new again. 

sweater - Hinge, Nordstrom (runs large)
skirt - Old, Anthropologie
shoes - Faryl Robin, c/o
earrings- Lucia K. Jewelry

cargo jackets perfect for the season, and under 100$.

and some great little black skirts, not to be forgotten!

photos by Angie.